Date of exam: 23rd November 2023
Venue: Hospital Selayang

Registration open now
Closing date : 23rd October 2023

All nephrology fellows who have completed at least 2 ½ years of nephrology fellowship training in a recognized centre and fulfilled all the criteria set up by the Board of Nephrology may apply to sit for the Nephrology Board examination.

The Nephrology Board Examination consists of four clinical stations, each assessed by two independent examiners. Candidates will start at any one of the four stations and then move around the carousel of stations at 30 minutes interval, until they have completed the cycle.

The first 3 clinical stations (station 1, 2, and 3) consist of clinical cases of general nephrology, renal transplantation and dialysis respectively. Candidates in these stations are given 10 minutes alone to read the clinical summaries and then examined for 20 minutes. These clinical stations are aim at assessing candidate’s ability to assimilate clinical information and discuss the management of the nephrology, dialysis and transplant cases.

Clinical station 4 consists of viva and candidates will be examined for 30minutes by 2 separate examiners. Each examiner has 15 minutes to ask 2 questions. The candidate will be examined in the various aspects of general nephrology, dialysis, transplantation and critical care nephrology including ethical issues, management, economics etc

Marking Scheme

8 Excellent
7 Good
6 Clear pass
5 Borderline pass
4 Borderline fail
3 Clear fail
2 Irredeemable fail
1 Extremely poor

As each station has two examiners, the marks obtained from each station ranges will from 2 to 16. Candidate must obtain a minimal of 10 marks in every clinical station to obtain a pass for this examination. Candidate who obtained between 8 and 10 in any one clinical station (borderline fail) may be redeemed if the total marks for all the four clinical stations are 42 or more.

Candidate who obtained less than 8 marks in any one station, obtained borderline fail in more than one station or obtained a borderline fail in one clinical station and with a total marks of less than 42 will be deemed to have failed the nephrology board examination.

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