Member Registration

To register as a member of the Malaysian Society of Nephrology:


Print out the form and sign to complete the form

Upload completed form (URL will be given via email)

Make payment after receive MSN council approval email notification

Upload payment slip (URL will be given via email)

** DO NOT make payment if no payment instruction email received

Member Categories

There will be four categories of members, namely, Ordinary, Life, Associate and Corporate members.


They shall be elected from:

  • Physicians practicing in Malaysia who have postgraduate qualifications in Nephrology or Paediatric Nephrology


They shall be elected from:

  • Medical Graduates who are undergoing training programmes in Nephrology as recognised by the Society; OR
  • Surgeons or Physicians who maintain a continuous interest in Nephrology while practising in a closely allied speciality; OR
  • Medical Practitioners who have interest in Nephrology; OR
  • Those practising other non-allied medical sciences but having a keen interest in Nephrology.


They shall be elected from any commercial or private organisation interested in supporting the objectives of the society


  • Each Life, Ordinary, Associate or Corporate Member, upon notification of his/her election, shall forthwith pay his/her Entrance and First Annual Subscription.
  • Each Ordinary, Associate or Corporate Member shall be required to pay an annual subscription due on the first of each year and payable within three months of that date.
  • The entrance fee and annual subscription shall be as follows
Life Member Ordinary Member Associate Member Corporate Member
Entrance Fee RM100.00 RM10.00 RM10.00 RM500.00
Annual Subscription RM5.00 RM5.00 RM250.00

Benefits of Ordinary Member / Life Member

  • Access to JCTN Journal
  • Reduced Rates for MSN Events
  • Access to MSN Grants program
  • Access to Vote in MSN Elections

Benefits of Associate Member

  • Access to JCTN Journal
  • Reduced Rates for MSN Events

Rights and Privileges of Members

Only Ordinary and Life Members will be entitled to vote, hold office or participate in all general meetings of the Society. All scientific privileges of the Society shall be freely accorded to Associate and Corporate Members. The rights and privileges of every member shall be personal to himself and shall not be transferable by his/her own act by operation of law.

Election of Members

  • Application for the election as Ordinary, Life or Association Member will have to be made on an official form and supported by two Ordinary Members of the Society, both of whom must be personally acquainted with the applicant as to his/her professional eligibility. Application for the election as Corporate Member will have to be made on an official form direct to the council of the Society.
  • Election shall be at a Council Meeting by majority vote.
  • On the election or nomination of a new member, the Secretary will notify the same to him with a copy of the rules and regulation of the Society. No person will deemed to be an Ordinary, Life, Associate or Corporate member until he/she has paid his/her entrance fee and the annual subscription payable on his/her election.

Resignation and Termination of Membership

  • Any member wishing to withdraw from the Society shall give notice in writing to the Honorary Secretary not less than three months before the end of the Society’s Financial year.
  • The membership of an Ordinary Member, Associate Member or Corporate Member shall be terminated ‘ipso facto” if he/she is in arrears with his/her subscriptions for a period of two years after the same becomes due in spite of reminders sent to him by the Secretary in writing. >He/She will remain eligible for re-election as a Member whenever all his/her dues are paid.
  • If, in the opinion of the Council, a Member acts in a manner prejudicial to the interests and objectives of the Society, or has ceased to possess the qualifications rendering him eligible for membership, his/her membership shall be terminated.