About NRR

NRR Advisory Board

This is the committee established by the MSN to oversee the operations of the NRR registries and databases. Members are appointed be the MSN Council for the same duration of the council. Interested parties including source data producers, Renal Registry Unit and target groups or users are represented on this committee.

The board will be the liaison between Nephrology Services and the Clinical Research Centre of NIH.

Clinical Research Centre (MOH)

The Clinical Research Centre (CRC) is the clinical research arm of the Ministry of Health (MOH) to conduct clinical trials, clinical epidemiology and economic research, and manage complex medical databases. It is through the CRC that the registry received part of its funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). One of the public health missions of MOH is to improve patients’ health outcomes through ethical and quality clinical research.

Steering Committee

The members in this committee are appointed by the NRR Advisory Board. The chair person shall be co-opted into the NRR Advisory Committee without voting right for decision making. The committee shall oversee to the operation of the designated registry / databases.

The NRR family registries/databases are as follows. The established and operation are:

  • Malaysian Dialysis and Transplant Registry (MDTR)
  • Malaysian Registry of Renal Biopsy (MRRB)
  • e-Malaysian Organ Sharing System (eMOSS) – Potential renal recipient waiting list.

Expert panels

Members appointed by Steering Committee as content experts to the individual chapters of the annual report.