The centres listed in this directory are the ones which submit data to the NRR. The list does not reflect the status of their licensing by the health authority.

Modality:      Hepatitis Bay:

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Town / City Modality Centres Hep B Bay Hep C Bay Hep B+C Bay
Alor Gajah
 HAEMODIALYSIS Alor Gajah Dialysis Centre, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Alor Gajah Hospital, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Hemodialisis Sinar Haemodialysis, HD Unit
Bukit Baru
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Hemodialysis Suria Melaka, HD Unit
Bukit Piatu
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Dialisis Nephrocare (Bukit Piatu), HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Jasin Hospital, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Tenang Haemodialysis Jasin, HD Unit
Kuala Sungai Baru
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Dialisis Davita Kuala Sungai Baru, HD Unit
Masjid Tanah
 HAEMODIALYSIS Damai Dialysis Sdn Bhd (Masjid Tanah), HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Dialisis Davita Masjid Tanah, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS 94 Hospital Angkatan Tentera (Terendak), HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS AMS Haemodialysis Centre, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Damai Medical & Heart Clinic, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Mahkota Medical Centre, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Melaka Hospital, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Nephcare Dialysis Centre, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pantai Hospital Air Keroh , HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pertubuhan Kebajikan Hemodialisis Hospital Pakar Putra Melaka, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Dialysis Comfort, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Haemodialisis SJAM Bacang Melaka, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Hemodialisis Impian, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Hemodialisis Perkis, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Putra Specialist Hospital (Melaka), HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Sinar Hemodialisis (Melaka), HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Tenang Haemodialysis Centre, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Yakin Jaya Haemodialysis, HD Unit
 TRANSPLANT Melaka Hospital, Tx Unit
 TRANSPLANT Pantai Air Keroh Hospital, Tx Unit
 MRRB Melaka Hospital, MRRB Unit
 PD Melaka Hospital, CAPD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Damai Dialysis (Merlimau), HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Hemodialisis Yayasan Toh Puan Zurina, HD Unit
Sungai Udang
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Hemodialisis Krisda, HD Unit
 HAEMODIALYSIS Pusat Hemodialisis SJAM Pulau Sebang, HD Unit