9th Report of the Malaysian Dialysis and Transplant Registry 2001

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1. All Chapters (842KB)  
2. Title, Introduction, Report Summary And Method (174KB)  
3. Chapter 1 Renal Replacement Therapy In Malaysia (90KB)  
4. Chapter 2. Dialysis In Malaysia (128KB)  
5. Chapter 3 Haemodialysis In Malaysia  
  Chapter 3 Section 1 Haemodialysis In Government Centres (259KB)  
  Chapter 3 Section 2 Haemodialysis In NGO Centres (250KB)  
  Chapter 3 Section 3 Haemodialysis In Private Centres (237KB)  
6. Chapter 4. Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis (226KB)  
7. Chapter 5. Renal Transplantation (142KB)